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Permanent Jewelry Bestie



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Stylus Color

Here is what you will love about the the new Orion mPulse™: 

  • Front-facing Stylus and Ground Ports 
  • 3 Ground Ports—Two in the Front, One in the Back
  • Adaptive Footprint—Place Horizontally or Vertically 
  • Resigned Stylus for Unmatched Durability 
  • Tru-Fire Technology™ Inside  
  • 1-30 Joule Dual Zone Power Range
  • Built-in Power Supply 
  • Advanced Digital Touchscreen Display 
  • 14 Software Backgrounds 
  • Updateable Software 
  • Vinyl Skins for a Unique Look—Available Soon!
  • 3-Year Warranty

Front-Facing Ports 

The Orion mPulse provides easier access to cable ports by placing the stylus and grounding ports on the front of the welder. You can connect the stylus and the ground quickly. 

Adaptable Footprint 

For remote events, you can match the Orion mPulse’s footprint to your table setup by choosing to place the welder horizontally or vertically. And, with the power supply is built into the welder, you will find cable management much easier to resolve.


Tru-Fire Technology™ Inside 

The Orion mPulse includes Tru-Fire Technology™, which greatly reduces misfires and improves welding consistency with advanced software. At low energy levels (when welding with jump rings and fine chain) Tru-Fire Technology™ automatically adjusts energy flow based on the strength of the ground (how well the electrode is making contact with the jump ring or work piece). You will notice how much more responsive the new Orion mPulse is than other welders. Your new customers will find the Orion mPulse much easier to use than other welders.

Advanced Digital Touchscreen 

Sunstone equipped the new Orion mPulse with a more responsive touchscreen display. You'll find it easier to select power and access other controls. You will appreciate the responsiveness and ability to choose from 14 different software backgrounds. And those that explore the software thoroughly will find other fun surprises!


Dual Zone Power Range 

You will dial into desired power ranges faster thanks to the Orion mPulse's Dual Zone Power Range. Under 15 Joules, the welder displays energy settings in half-Joule increments. At 15 or more Joules, the welder displays energy settings in full-Joule increments, which simplifies the energy selection task. For small repair applications requiring 15 or more Joules, half-Joule settings are generally irrelevant. However, for permanent jewelry applications, half-Joule settings are important to achieving optimum welds.


Keep Software Up to Date 

The advanced software on the new Orion mPulse can be updated when new software versions become available. A USB port on the back panel makes upgrades easy.


Optics: You Have Many Options 

The Orion mPulse is compatible with all optics offered by Sunstone: 

  • 5x Arm Microscope 
  • 5x PJ Scope 
  • Upgraded ADL with Clear Screen 
  • Basic ADL 

    Certified Safe 

    Most Orion® permanent jewelry welders are ETL and CE certified now or in the process of becoming certified. ETL certification includes ASME, ASTM, ANSI, CSA, NFPA, NOM, NSF, and UL testing.



    • Power Range: 1-30 Joules with Dual Zone Power Range
    • Tru-Fire Technology™ Included
    • Footprint: 18.7 x 18.3 x 10.4 cm
    • Weight: 4 lbs.
    • Estimated Weld Spot Diameter Range: ~0.5 to 1.5 mm
    • Touchscreen: 5" 10-point Touch HMI
    • Welds Per Second: 1
    • Grounding Ports: 3
    • Gas: 1/4"
    • USB Port

    What comes in the box?

    • Welder
    • Stylus
    • Standard auto-darkening lens (ADL)
    • Argon tube
    • Welding plate
    • Fiberglass brush pen
    • Tungsten
    • Diamond discs
    • Grounding Cables


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