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Pink Grounded Pliers for Permanent Jewelry - Exclusive to Permanent Jewelry Bestie NOT THE SAME AS THE BLUE AND BLACK GROUNDED PLIERS

Pink Grounded Pliers for Permanent Jewelry - Exclusive to Permanent Jewelry Bestie NOT THE SAME AS THE BLUE AND BLACK GROUNDED PLIERS

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Choose Your Options: Pink Full Set (1 Xuron® 452 Holding Pliers grounded, 2 pairs 450-TweezerNose™ Pliers, 1 pair of Xuron flush cutters)


Full set includes 1 pair of pink xuron gold filled/gold/sterling silver chain cutters (not for stainless), 2 pairs of pink Xuron 450 working/forming pliers and 1 pair of grounded holding 452 pliers. 

Upgrade your permanent jewelry toolkit with our exclusive Pink Grounded Pliers and working Pliers, designed by a permanent jewelry artist for permanent jewelry artists. 

Pliers manufactured by Xuron and grounded by an electrician, the 452 grounded pliers are crafted to revolutionize your welding process. The non-grounded 450 pliers are perfect for opening and closing jump rings. You CAN work with grounded pliers in one hand and non grounded pliers in the other; however, I prefer all 3. I open and close my jump rings with my 2 sets of 450 pliers and then move to my grounded 452 pliers to do the actual welding. Available in a unique pink color, made exclusively for your PJ Bestie, you’ll only find here!

Key Features:

  • Compatibility: Versatile and compatible with any micro welder, including unbranded welders, Sunstone welders (Zapp, OrionPJ, Orion mPulse) and the Helix welder.
  • Direct Placement: Eliminate the need for an alligator clip by placing these pliers directly on the jump ring for a seamless welding experience.
  • Fine-Tipped Precision: Extremely fine tips provide ample room to maneuver the jump ring, chain, grounded pliers, and stylus, ensuring precise and effortless welding.
  • Exclusive Pink Color: Stand out with the exclusive pink color, adding a touch of style to your toolkit while maintaining top-notch functionality.
  • Top-Quality Construction: Crafted by Xuron, the number one brand trusted by permanent jewelry artists worldwide, and grounded by an electrician for optimal performance and longevity.
  • 64” long cord on the grounded pliers to reach necks and ankles with ease! 

Say goodbye to cumbersome tools and hello to a more efficient, stylish, and professional welding process. Once you experience the ease and precision of our Pink Grounded Pliers, you'll wonder how you ever managed without them.

Why Choose Permanent Jewelry Bestie’s Pink Grounded Pliers?

  • Designed by Experts: Created by a permanent jewelry artist and manufactured by Xuron, ensuring top quality and performance.
  • Quality combined with Safety: Grounded by an electrician, these pliers meet the highest safety, quality and efficiency standards.
  • Exclusive Design: Unique to our brand, you won't find these pink pliers anywhere else.
  • Professional Grade: Trusted by industry leaders for their superior quality and reliability.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Simplify your workflow and improve your welding accuracy with these finely crafted tools.

Take your permanent jewelry to the next level with our exclusive Pink Grounded and Working Pliers. Order yours today and transform your welding process into a seamless and enjoyable experience. ✨

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