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OrionPJ Welder Tools of the Trade Package

OrionPJ Welder Tools of the Trade Package

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Orion PJ Welder - Tools of the Trade Package 


This bundle includes your Orion PJ and our favorite Tools! 

  • Orion PJ Welder (RRP: $2800)
  • Pilot Tungsten Sharpener (RRP: $75)
  • Precision Plier for Permanent Jewelry (RRP: $40)
  • Premium Argon Gas Regulator (RRP: $149)
  • 1mm Tungsten needles  (RRP: $75)
  • Fiberglass Pen (RRP: $10)

Product Details: 

Orion PJ pulse arc Welder 

The Orion PJ pulse arc welder was designed specifically for permanent jewelry artists for fine chain welding.

  • Simple touchscreen control
  • Power ranges from 1-15 Joules
  • The only permanent jewelry welder specifically designed for the PJ artist!
  • Quality US Manufacturing and US-based Customer Service
  • 2-year Warranty


Pilot Tungsten Sharpener

The Sunstone Pilot electrode sharpener helps you keep your Orion tungsten electrodes sharp and ready. Easily and quickly sharpen an electrode in seconds! 


Precision Plier for Permanent Jewelry 

For improved handling of fine chain! Orion Precision Plier with banana connector and 3' Lead with 18 AWG cables for your Orion permanent jewelry welder. Used for grounding fine chain.


Premium Argon Gas Regulator 

The premium gas regulator for Orion pulse arc welders attaches to your argon tank, regulating the pressure between the tank and your Orion welder.


1mm Tungsten needles 

Orion Tungsten electrodes will last for a very long time over many, many welds.


Fiberglass Pen

Used to remove carbon from your weld spot, these fiberglass brushes are a must-have tool—especially when working with jewelry


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